Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2011 - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2011

The 2011 edition of Fredrikstad Animation Festival was held from November 7. – 11., and offered 5 days packed with screenings, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Officials guest at the festival were Don Hahn (USA), John Kricfalusi (Canada), Rosto (Netherland), Suzie Templeton, Alan Short og Seamus Malone (Great Britannia), Tod Polson (USA), Veronika Wallenberg (Sweden), Alexis De Jesus Costa (France), Elli Vuorinen (Finland), Hilmar Sigursson og Gunnar Karlsson (Iceland), Sverre Fredriksen (Norway/Netherlands), Harald Fossen og Frank Mosvold (Norway).

During the festival, over 100 shorts films, 12 feature films and 2 documentaries were screened. One of our main tasks is to award the best baltic- nordic animated short film with our own Golden Gunnar statuette. In 2011, about 200 short were submited and 74 were selected for the competition programme.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2011

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded by the festival board.

Gunnar Strøm, Norway

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 went to Gunnar Strøm for his life dedicated to animation. He was a key player for establishing the animation education at the University-college in Volda and has worked indefatigable as an ambassador for Norwegian animation.

Nordic–Baltic Competition

Jury: Frank Mosvold, Alexis De Jesus Costa and Elli Vuorinen

Grand Prix

Mankeli / The Mangel
Directed by Jan Andersson and Katja Kettu
Prod: Indie Films

Best Short Film
Directed by Anne Kristin Berge
Prod: Kristin Hellebust and Anja Nicolas, Storm Studios

Best Student Film

Kuhina / Swarming
Directed by Joni Männistö
Prod: Eija Saarinen, Turku Arts Academy

Honorable Mention

The Backwater Gospel
Directed by Bo Mathorne
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Commissioned Films

Jury: Tod Polson, Veronika Wallenberg and Harald Fossen

Best commissioned film

AIDES ‘Smutley’
Directed by againstallodds
Prod: againstallodds

Honorable mention

The Pirate
Directed by Olov Burman
Prod: Meinbender Animation Studio


Escape of the Gingerbreadman!!!
Directed by Tod Polson
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Nordic-Baltic Children Film

Jury: Balder Daae (8), Mikkel Dalene Fossen (7), Madelen Søderberg Knudsen (8), Zeb Stenseng-Molven (7),
Ylva Langvik-Aasen (6).

Best Children film

Captain Awesome: The Rumble in The Concrete Jungle
Directed by Ercan Bozodgan
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Special Mention

Ziluks / Acorn Boy
Regi: Dace Riduze
Prod: Film Studio Animacijas Brigade


11th November 2011 Fredrikstad Animation Festival held a seminar dedicated Master of Animation.

During the seminar the festival presented three directors with different approaches in the art of animation: Ren & Stimpy legend John Kricfalusi, director and designer Tod Polson, and the independent animator Rosto.

John Kricfalusi – The fundamental elements of cartooning

John Kricfalusi is known as a master in hand drawn character animation. During his presentation he told an enthusiastic audience about his sources of inspiration, with examples from well known animation films and classic Hollywood films. Later, the festival screened a retrospective dedicated to rare films by Kricfalusi.

Tod Polson – The Noble Approach

Tod Polson worked many years along with designer and illustrator Maurice Noble, and has also written a book about him who was Chuck Jones’ most used layout and background designer. During the seminar Polson gave us a close up on Noble’s work with film and design og film.

Rosto – making of The Monster of Nix

The Dutch artist Rosto are one of the most extraordinary directors on the international animation scene. In a talk with animation expert Joakim Pedersen, Rosto told the festival audience about his work, and the creation of the imaganary world in his latest film. Rosto also presented a retrospective programme during the festival.

Other presentations and special screenings

“What’s up” – Nordic Animation Forum

The festival presented several Nordic projecets including Hilmar Sigurdsson and Gunnar Karlsson form CAOZ, who worked on Icelands first animated 3D feature Legend of Valhalla: Thor. The Norwegian studio Qvisten Animasjon, and the Norwegian animator Sverre Fredriksen, and Fredrikstad’s own Kristian Pedersen also presented their work.

Making of Arthur Christmas

The festival was opened with a pre-premier of Arthur Christmas and the animation directors Seamus Malone and Alan Sort was present and held a lecture about creating a modern version of Santa’s North Pole. Malone and Short was key members of the staff of the film and has worked at Aardman studios for a long period.

Don Hahn Presentation

The Legendary Producer of Disney Don Hahn, visited the festival in 2011 and gave an exclusive lecture on the opening day of the festival. Hahn is the man behind classic films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and presented the secret behind Disney’s success during the 80s and 90s.

News and Presss Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2011


The 2011 festival was produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum and the festival administrator was Festival Director Trond Ola Mevassvik and Festival Coordinator Magnus Eide, in co-operation with:


Animation Volda, Arena Magica, Ars Baltica,
E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Film & Kino, Frame by frame, Fredrikstad Blad, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, GrensEraser, Karivold Film, Norsk Filminstitutt, Norsk Animasjon, Qulthus, Rica City Hotel, Verdensspeilet Kaffebar, Øsfold Fylkeskommune, Østfold Kulturproduksjon.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d’Or festival.