Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022 - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022

  • 115 films shown in 15 programmes
  • Largest pass sales and audience turnout in the festival’s history
  • 6,868 audiences at the festival’s screenings and events during the festival and screenings throughout the year
  • The festival’s programme was presented at six cultural arenas in Fredrikstad
  • 27 panelists and speakers presented in 11 seminars and panels
  • The third time FAF was conducted with a digital edition

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022 was organized from 20 to 23 October with Fredrikstad Kino as the main arena. Events and film screenings were also held at TÆPS, hoi polloi, St. Croix house and at Quality Hotel – Fredrikstad. Outside of the festival days, the festival held screenings at SALT in Oslo, TÆPS and hoi polloi in Fredrikstad and curated programs for the Animasyros festival in Greece and the Trollywood Animation Festival in Sweden.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022 has had the largest audience turnout in the festival’s history and has established itself as the most important event for animation in the Nordic countries, with 125 filmmakers, film distributors and collaboration partners presented in the festival’s programme. The festival further developed a closer collaboration with Fredrikstad’s cultural and business life through the festival’s programmes.