26 OCT 23:00 Litteraturhuset

The film is about the diversity of sexual manifestations.


Russia | 2017 | 01:58 |
2D computer
Director: Sasha Svirsky
Production: Nadezhda Svirskaia
Animation: Sasha Svirsky
Company: Sasha Svirsky

Director's Biography:

Sasha Svirsky was born in 1980 in Russia. He graduated from Grekov Art College with a painter diploma. A self-taught animatior, he began work also as an independent animation film director in 2008. During this time he has created more than 20 animation shorts. He develops his own artistic language by mixing media and continues to make graphics artworks, paintings and collages. In his animation, he uses a method of improvisation and challenges stereotypes. He now lives in Moscow.