Simbiosis Carnal

26 OCT 23:00 Litteraturhuset

A circular story about the sexuality, historical frustrations and pleasures, with a special interest for the concealing of the feminine organ, but also a history of evolution: beings mixing and transforming themselves, getting conscience, losing conscience. 


Belgium | 2017 | 10:11 |
2D computer
Director: Rocío Álvarez
Production: William Henne
Animation: Rocío Álvarez
Company: Zorobabel

Director's Biography:

Rocío Álvarez, living in Brussels for the past four years has alongside her work as a director also freelanced on numerous animation and illustration projects, notably for the Coop Museum in Brussels, and the France Musique website through the creation of animated gifs. In her artistic choices, she enjoys mixing techniques and experiments to make each new project a personal challenge.