Baby Baby

25 OCT / 21:00 / Sal 4
27 OCT / 15:00 / Sal 1

A baby plays with his toys on a sunny afternoon.

  • Directed by: Nikhil Markale, Aggelos Papantoniou
  • Country: Australia, 2019
  • Time: 1m 5s
  • Type: 2D computer
  • Production: Gibbon Animation, Aggelos Papantoniou

Nikhil Markale is an all-rounder with attentiveness to interesting animation and design. He values strong concepts with an importance on delivering them with clarity. Apart from his innate passion for visuals, his attention often wanders to problem solving and the technical aspects of a project.

Aggelos Papantoniou’s main focus is in cinematography and timing, with his concepts dealing with the unusual and often absurd nature of human beings. After leaving his studies in physics, he moved to Australia to study animation. His graduate film Mrs. Metro was screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

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