25 OCT / 21:00 / Sal 4
27 OCT / 15:00 / Sal 1

In the beginning was the Stain. A paintbrush reveals a being of gouache, opens him, transforms him, twists him, completes him. From this accelerated evolution arises a conquering being…

  • Directed by: Donato Sansone
  • Country: France, 2018
  • Time: 4m 40s
  • Type: 2D computer
  • Production: Nicolas Schmerkin
  • Animation: Donato Sansone
  • Company: Autour de Minuit Productions

Donato Sansone specializes in mixing traditional and experimental animation techniques with live action. He used to work as a freelance artist with the most creative advertising agencies and music labels in Italy. In 2015, he made the short film Journal animé and was nominated for an animation Oscar in 2016 and for a César award in 2017.

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