26 OCT 18:00 Sal 3
28 OCT 15:00 Sal 6
  • Directed by: Laurène Braibant
  • Country: France, 2017
  • Time: 09:42
  • Type: Digital 2D
  • Production: Richard Van den Bloom (Papy 3D Productions)
  • Animation: Giles Cuvelier, Gabriel Jacqel, Laurène Braibant
  • Company: Studio Train Train

Graduated from ESAAB in visual communication and from ESAAT in animation cinema, Laurène makes her first short film Sumoat the Studio Train Train, released in 2011. Besides, Laurène works as an animator in various short film productions (Studio Train Train, Papy3D, Films du Nord, Sacrebleu, Lardux, etc.) In 2016 she finished the production of her second film, L’Ogre.