26 OCT / 14:00 / Sal 3
27 OCT / 11:30 / Sal 1

This film explores the absurdity of a world where the roles of kids and adults are switched. The story follows a day full of bizarrely reversed interactions, unraveling the dynamics of this relationship, tackling topics about maturity and parenting in a comic way.

  • Directed by: Hend Esmat & Lamiaa Diab
  • Country: United Kingdom, 2018
  • Time: 5m
  • Type: 2D animation
  • Animation: Lamiaa Diab, Hend Esmat, Patrycja Szypula, Melissa Pinto, Wiktoria Filipiak
  • Company: Bristol School of Animation – UWE

Hend and Lamiaa are a design and animation directing duo, originally from Cairo and currently based in Bristol, UK. They both finished their MA at the Bristol School of Animation in 2018 and previously studied Film and Media Design back in Cairo where they collaborated on different projects. Quickly they discovered they shared similar interests, in terms of design and approach, then started working together as a duo in 2012. Their style is hybrid, mixing analog and digital techniques and they are driven by a passion for bringing ideas and characters to life through animation. They worked for clients across the UK, the US and Egypt, including BBC, Merck, The School of Life and recently have painted a sculpture for the “Gromit Unleashed 2” trail in collaboration with Grand Appeal and Aardman. Their MA graduation film Flipped is currently in the festival circuit, and has been accepted to more than 20 festivals across Europe and the US, including Anima, Pictoplasma and NYICFF.

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