La Chute

27 OCT 10:00 Sal 3
28 OCT 11:30 Sal 6
  • Directed by: Boris Labbé
  • Country: France, 2018
  • Time: 14:22
  • Type: Drawing on paper, indian ink and watercolor, 2D Computer
  • Production: Ron Dyens 
  • Animation: Boris Labbé, Armelle Mercat, Hugo Bravo, Capucine Latrasse
  • Company: Sacrebleu Production

French Boris Labbé, born 1987, has been a student and is a member of several learning institutions for animation, film and fine arts in both France and Spain – countries he also lives and works between. 

All his films have the emblem of the palingenesis: continual rebirth. 

His works, including art installations, have been shown in contemporary art exhibitions globally as well as in over a hundred international film festivals. Among his awarded works, he won the Special Jury Prize at the Annecy festival in 2012 for Kyrielle.

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