Dear Night

26 OCT / 14:00 / Sal 3
27 OCT / 11:30 / Sal 1

In the middle of winter, in the country of the Yeti, a bear does not manage to fall asleep. He thinks too much and is in the doldrums. A white monkey suggests he goes to eat some honey at his aunt’s to ease his mind. A beautiful and strange night begins and the bear realises that he did well not falling asleep…

  • Directed by: Lia Bertels
  • Country: Belgium, France, 2019
  • Time: 13m 46s
  • Type: 2d computer
  • Production: Ambiances...asbl
  • Animation: Lia Bertels, Eve Deroeck, Sarah Brule, Lora D’Addazio

Lia Bertels studied animation at La Cambre (2006-2011). She is preoccupied with poetic cinema, giving as much attention to writing as she does to the expressions of her characters.

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