The Box

27 OCT 10:00 Sal 3
28 OCT 11:30 Sal 6

You have probably heard of the phrase "To think outside of the box"?
Well, this is a story about such a box.
The box is full of miserable creatures.
One of those creatures doesn't belong there.
He's thinking outside of the box…


Slovenia | 2017 | 12:12 |
3D computer
Director: Dušan Kastelic
Production: Dušan Kastelic
Animation: Dušan Kastelic
Company: Bugbrain, Animation Institute

Director's Biography:

Dušan Kastelic was born in a small mining town in central Slovenia. Being a sickly kid, he was unable to carry on the family tradition and get a decent job as a miner. So, he became a teacher. But he wasn’t smart enough to be a teacher. Then, he became an animator