27 OCT 10:00 Sal 3
28 OCT 11:30 Sal 6

History has left its mark; the future is in no hurry to happen. Grey on grey, the apartment blocks crowd in on one another. Still, one young woman dreams of what else, elsewhere, life might have to offer. The Internet’s reply is always the same: ‘This content is not available in your country’.


Serbia/Slovak Republic | 2018 | 10:00 |
Stop motion
Director: Nikola Majdak JR., Ana Nedeljkovic
Production: Jelena Mitrović
Animation: Ana Nedeljković
Company: Film House Baš Čelik

Director's Biography:

She has a PhD in Fine Arts, he has a master’s degree in Camera 

As a visual artist she creates through drawing, installation and animation. He has worked for the past 20 years as a cinematographer, director and animator. Their first filmRabbitland(2013) won a Crystal Bear at the 63rd Berlinale. The film screened at over 100 festivals and won numerous international awards.