27 OCT 10:00 Sal 3
28 OCT 11:30 Sal 6
  • Directed by: Trevor Jimenez
  • Country: USA, 2017
  • Time: 15:17
  • Type: 2D computer
  • Production: Jeremy Slome
  • Animation: Trevor Jimenez, Xavier Riffault, Vlad Kooperman, Madeline Sharafian, Adam Campbell, Tony Maki, Michael Yates, Shaz Lym
  • Company: Past Lives Productions

Trevor Jimenez is a Canadian filmmaker and story artist who has worked in animation for over 10 years at companies such as, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Blue Sky. His student film Key Lime Pie won the award for best animated short at AFI Dallas 2008, and screened at numerous international festivals. He currently works in the story department at Pixar while also pursuing his own creative projects.

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