10 NOV / 11:15 / sal 4

"We were asked to create three short animated info sequences for NRK's documentary series FBI redder høna, about food waste.
Since the theme of the program itself was quite serious, NRK wanted the animations to explain the concepts in an easy and fun way. We went for a style that is a bit more cartoony, which allowed visual humor in the short time we had at our disposal."


Norway | 2016 | 01:54 |
Cell Animation
Director: Bjarne Anmarkrud
Production: Julian Vargas
Animation: Bjarne Anmarkrud
Company: Animaskin

Director's Biography:

“Animaskin is a small and energetic animation studio in Oslo. We are a group of creatives who love what we do, which we hope shines through in our work. We do everything from traditional handdrawn animation to complex vfx. Feel free to come and say hello. On Fridays we serve waffles!”