Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

26 OCT 13:00 Sal 5

The three mutant characters Dux, Bormin & Selma walks into an old amusement park in a post-apocalyptic world. But someone is out there to catch them.

  • Directed by: Andrée Wallin
  • Country: Sweden, 2018
  • Time: 02:24
  • Type: Full CG 3D Animation
  • Production: Thomas Oger, Hanna Bengtsson,
  • Animation: VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh Animation Supervisor: Jonas Ekman Lighting Artist: Carina Öhlund, Erika Johansson Lead Rigging TD: Peter Jemstedt Rigging TD: Paschalis Mourikas Facial Rigging: Magnus Eriksson Cloth and Hair FX TD: Ludvig Eliasson Animators: Jonas Ekman, Fredrik Olsson FX Artist: Max Öberg, Peter Blomstrand, Capture Division Executive Producer - Anton Söderhäll, Mocap Superviso: Samuel Tyskling, Mocap Lead: David Grice, Mocap Specialist: Marko Marinkovic, Junior Mocap Technician: Oskar Olsson, Mocap TD: Oskar Eriksson, Senior Tracker: Nils Aulin, Mocap Coordinator: Isa Olai, MoCap Actors: Moa Malan, Nicklas Hansson, Philip Hughes
  • Company: Goodbye Kansas Studios for Funcom

Andrée studied at Nackademin (Stockholm) and at RealtimeUK, and has always loved movies and to create concept art. Andrée’s unique talent has been put to use in films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Solo, Oblivion and Godzilla. While working on Star Wars, Andrée felt the desire to create a story of his own; seeking creative freedom to do his own take on some of his favorite subjects – such as science fiction, vampires and a post-apocalyptic world. The dream materialized in the short State Zero, produced together with his Goodbye Kansas friends. Andrée has also directed the cut-scenes with John Cleese for Raid: World War II and two of the cinematics for Overkill’s The Walking Dead: “Aidan” and “Maya”.