Når knoklene blir til gele

26 OCT 13:00 Sal 5

Animated sequenses for the dokumentary “Når knoklene blir til gele” about musician Michael Krohn. The illustrations in the films are based on Krohn’s own drawings.

  • Directed by: Kristian Pedersen
  • Country: Norway, 2017
  • Time: 03:52
  • Type: Digital 2D
  • Production: Tonje Skar Reiersen
  • Animation: Tuva Synnevåg and Kristian Pedersen
  • Company: Mikrofilm AS

Filmmaker and designer Kristian Pedersen graduated with an MA in Visual Communication from Bergen Academy of Art and Design.
Working as an animator and designer at Mikrofilm in Oslo, he has previously produced animated poetry films in collaboration with the small press Gasspedal and publishing house Gyldendal.
Mikrofilm produced his previous work, the festival globetrotting visual music short film The Boyg (2016) and his latest short film Little Boy (2018).