Når noen reiser ut

26 OCT 13:00 Sal 5

How do loved ones of a soldier react when the soldier has to leave the country for a potentially dangerous mission for several months? In this film we hear experiences from both sides, when it comes to being away from the ones you love the most.


Norway | 2017 | 02:23 |
Handdrawn, digital 2D cut out
Director: Cathinka Tanberg and Robin Jensen
Production: Kjersti Riise Skallerud and Lise Fearnley
Animation: Cathinka Tanberg and Robin Jensen
Company: Mikrofilm AS

Director's Biography:

Cathinka has worked as an animator since 2003. She studied animation at Volda University College and received her master´s degree in Visual Communication from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2008. She became a partner at Mikrofilm the same year and since joining the company she has worked as a director and animator on both short films and commercials. Cathinka´s clients at Mikrofilm include Kirkens SOS, 1881, Veritas (DNV) and the Norwegian Labour Party. She has served as a jury member in competitions such as The Norwegian Grammy Awards 2009 and the Norwegian design competition Visuelt in 2011.

Robin Jensen is an award winning writer/director from Norway. He started out at Volda University College (HVO) where he graduated in animation and documentary film. He then took a bachelor in graphic design at The National College of Art in Oslo (KHIO). He has written and directed several short films that has screened in festivals both nationally and internationally. Among these are: ShortShorts Film Festival Asia (Tokyo), Sheffield international documentary festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Chungmoro International Film Festival Seoul, Worldwide Short Film Festival Toronto and most recently Doxs! Duisburg and Filmfest Dresden in 2017.