Olsenbanden Rope

10 NOV / 11:15 / sal 4

Egon Olsen is out of prison, and he has a new, genius plan on how to get hold of Gjensidige's Customer dividend.


Norway | 2017 | 00:30 |
3D karakteranimasjon
Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Production: Irene Sødal Dietrichson
Company: Qvisten Animation

Director's Biography:

Rasmus Andre Sivertsen (b. 1972) studied animation at Volda University College and is co-owner of Qvisten Animation. He is a veteran in animation films and has directed Kurt Turns Evil (2008), two films featuring Ploddy the Police Car (2010, 2013) and The Christmas of Louis and Nolan (2013) and Louis & Nolan – The Big Cheese Race (2015) based on Kjell Aukrust’s Flåklypa universe. He also directed Two Buddies and a Badger which opened domestically in 2015, and In the Forest of Huckybucky, released Christmas 2016. He is currently working on a third Flåklypa animation film to be released in 2018.