Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy

25 OCT / 16:00 / Sal 4
26 OCT / 10:30 / Sal 4

You may not think that psychically demanding situations over time may be the origin of multiple physical disorders. Psychomotor physiotherapy views the pain in the body as a mixture of various disorders. In order for them to help you, they need to see how your pain is linked to the life you live.

  • Directed by: Ernst Føyn, Syver Sanengen
  • Country: Norway, 2018
  • Time: 1m 35s
  • Type: 2D
  • Production: Marthe Haakensen
  • Animation: Kristoffer Stokkerud, Syver Sanengen, Abel Reyes
  • Company: Babusjka

Babusjka is a multi disciplinary production company from Oslo, working with film and animation in short formats.

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