Tiny Troopers

10 NOV / 11:15 / sal 4

Tiny troopers gather forces to heal the wounded rainforest; however, the problem is ultimately too large for the animals to fix without help.


Denmark | 2016 | 00:35 |
3D Computer
Director: Pauline Champetier
Production: Michelle Nardone
Animation: The Tiny Doctors Team
Company: The Animation Workshop

Director's Biography:

Pauline Champetier comes from France where she graduated from a 2 year degree in animated cinema at ESAAT. She decided to attend The Animation Workshop to improve her craft. She loves new experiences, meeting different people, learning about new cultures and languages.
She like the idea of being a versatile, complete artist. She specializes in 2D animation and storyboarding and would like to work on different kinds of projects in the future (features, shorts, series or commercials). She also enjoys creating her own film projects or helping a story to take shape visually.