UN The Thread

26 OCT 13:00 Sal 5

A man learns about what is involved in the production of a t-shirt. Seeing what effects corporate mass production has on people and environment alike.

  • Directed by: Julian Vargas, Stian Sydsæter, Dyveke Skøld & Bjarne Anmarkrud
  • Country: Norway, 2018
  • Time: 01:20
  • Type: 2D Animation, Hand drawn
  • Production: Silje Osland og Kristian Røssakk
  • Company: Animaskin

Since graduating from Volda in 2008, Bjarne has focused on character design. Several years in the industry has given him experience with both series production and the development of animated concepts from start to finish. He has been working at Animaskim since 2014, as a classical animator and director, with several award winning projects like Ytterst på tissen and Den magiske kroppen.