Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

26 OCT / 19:30 / Sal 4

A young boy learns to take control over his life when he is shrunk to the size of an insect and has to sail his own toy boat through a flooded Café. Morten has to be shrunk down before he can grow up.

  • Directed by: Kaspar Jancis
  • Country: Estonia, 2018
  • Time: 80m
  • Type: Puppet animation
  • Production: Kerdi Oengo, Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons
  • Animation: Märt Kivi, Sam Turner, Triin Sarapik-Kivi, Olga Bulgakova, Adrienne Dowling, Susanne Guy, Tereza Peres-Girau, Martin Pullen, Nuria Robler, Patricia Sourdes, Jason Watts
  • Company: Nukufilm, Telegael, GridFX, Calon

Kaspar Jancis (b. 1975) has been interested in drawing comic strips and writing stories since his childhood. He studied animation at the Turku Arts and Media School under the guidance of Priit Pärn. Also having worked as a freelance theatre artist, actor and composer, he was the director of studio Eesti Joonisfilm from 2002 to 2010 and has directed several short films.


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