Christopher’s Christmas Mission

09 NOV 21:30 Litteraturhuset (Opening Ceremony, English Version)
11 NOV 15:30 Sal 3 (OV)

Christopher works at the post office next to the school. His father, Tyko Jonsson, is the owner of a warehouse. Christopher lives with his father, mother and little sister in one of the city's better regions, and his role model is Robin Hood. On his way home from the post office, Christopher notices all the poverty in the city, and at the same time thinks about Robin Hood's advice to take from the rich and give to the poor...


Sweden | 1975 | 23:00 |
Classical 2D
Director: Per Åhlin
Animation: Per Åhlin, Kjeld Simonsen, Hans Åke Gabrielsson
Company: PennFilm Studio AB