27 OCT 12:30 Sal 2

Klara, a young city-calf, dreams of becoming a big star. One day she receives a letter from her father, Mosk, who wants her to visit his farm.
Her mom says Mosk is a rock star, but when Clara arrives, she discovers her father is only a regular apple pie farmer. Also, he has the ‘crazy cow disease’, and if he cannot bake a hundred pies by the end of the week, he will lose his debt burdened farm.
Klara decides to save the farm, and not only that, she also wants to become the world’s best baker. However, the challenges are many: Clara doesn’t know anything about farming, and is someone sabotaging her baking?


Norway | 2018 | 62:00 |
Director: Lise Osvoll
Production: Ingvild Evjemo, Anja Nicolas
Animation: Qvisten Animation AB
Company: Qvisten Animation AB

Director's Biography:

Lise Osvoll (b.1979) graduated from Westerdals in 2004, and has been in the animation film industry ever since. She has directed one season and two feature films about Elias – The Rescue Boat and has worked as an Animation Director at Qvisten Animation AS since 2014.