27 OCT 13:00 Sal 6

Agathe Christine is ten years old, and is among friends and family called AC. She sees herself as a private detective and does not care if others think she's weird and nerdy. AC is given a mission from the local vendor – someone is stealing from his store. But AC gets a strange gut feeling about her new neighbour, her peer Vincent, and takes it as a warning sign. She puts her mission aside and puts all efforts on total surveillance of the neighbour.


Denmark | 2016 | 80:00 |
2D, digital cut-out
Director: Karla von Bengtson
Production: Fie Ørnsø, Mette Valbjørn Skøtt
Animation: Copenhagen Bombay Production
Company: Copenhagen Bombay Production

Director's Biography:

Karla von Bengtson (b. 1975) is a Copenhagen based animation director who has worked in the animation industry since 1993, and graduated as a director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2004. Von Bengtson takes pride in working with animated films for children, and has written and directed several animated short films over the years.