Tehran Taboo

28 OCT 17:00 Sal 5

The lives of three strong-willed women and a young musician cross paths in Tehran’s schizophrenic society where sex, adultery, corruption, prostitution and drugs coexist with strict religious laws. In the bustling metropolis of Tehran, avoiding prohibitions has become an everyday sport, and breaking taboos can be a means of personal emancipation.


Germany | 2017 | 96:00 |
Director: Ali Soozandeh
Production: Frank Geiger, Ali Samadi, Mark Fencer, Armin Hofmann
Animation: Peter Analuf, Ilja Burzev, Carlo Curzaro, Werda Farahani, Matthias Wutschke
Company: Little Dream Entertainment

Director's Biography:

Director Ali Soozandeh was born in Shiraz, Iran. He studied Art in Tehran before emigrating to Germany, where he achieved a diploma in Media Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Soozandeh has directed a number of music videos and short films before helming his feature debut Tehran Taboo