The Night

12 Nov 14:00 Sal 4

When Steffan's mother died, he felt nothing. No sorrow. No relief. How did it come to this? The Night is director Steffan Strandberg's tale of growing up with an alcoholic mother, and the night that changed everything for him and his little brother. Delving into a pandora's box of suppressed memories, he uncovers fun adventures and painful repercussions. Through archive and animation, the film combines Steffan's adult reflections with his childhood experience in an effort to reconcile himself with his past and his mother.


Norway/ Belgium | 2017 | 60:00 |
Mixed - Live Action/ digital 2D
Director: Steffan Strandberg
Production: Carsten Aanonsen
Animation: Walk the Dog
Company: Indie Film

Director's Biography:

Steffan Strandberg have directed several documenter features since his debut 7th Heaven in 2002, in addition to series and commissioning films through his carrier. In 2011 he won the main prize under Chicago International Children’s Film Festival with the short film Heaven behind the house.