The Tower

25 OCT 20:00 Sal 3 (English Version)
25 OCT 20:00 Sal 3 (English Version)

The Tower is the story of eleven-year-old girl Wardi and her great grandpa Sidi, that lives together with their family in a four-story high tower in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Sidi who flew his land in the first Israel-Arab conflict of 1948, also called "al-Nakba" the catastrophe, by the Palestinians, has never stop dreaming about returning to his homeland. But his old age has put him onto other thoughts. The films narrative is centered around Wardi’s rising awareness about the family’s history, throughout the four generations that lives in the tower, in her search for Sidi’s lost hope and her own future.


Norway, Sweden, France | 2018 | 79:19 |
stop-motion, 2D
Director: Mats Grorud
Production: Frode Sobstad (Tenk.TV), Patrice Nezan (Les Contes Modernes), Annika Hellström (Cinenic Film AB)
Animation: Pierre-Luc Granjon, Hefang Wei
Company: Les Contes Modernes

Director's Biography:

Mats Grorud is a Norwegian animation director, and The Tower is his first feature.