Top 3

25 OCT / 12:30 / Sal 3

In this funny, bittersweet romantic comedy from Sweden, perpetual list-maker Anton falls in love with David, but things start to go awry when Anton realizes that his dreams in life might be in direct opposition to David’s.

  • Directed by: Sofie Edvardsson
  • Country: Sweden, 2019
  • Time: 44m
  • Type: Digital 2D
  • Production: Simon Österhof
  • Animation: Jakob Nyström
  • Company: Soja

Sofie Edvardsson is a director and illustrator from Umeå in the north of Sweden. She’s the Creative Director of animation studio Soja and Top 3 is her debut film. Later in 2019, her debut TV show the Super Best Hero Friends will also premiere on Swedish television.

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