Little Grey Wolfy. Summer Party

24 OCT / 10:00 / Sal 4
25 OCT / 09:30 / Sal 4

Summer is here – short nights and full moon. And Little Grey Wolfy´s birthday is soon! Wolfy is dreaming about a real birthday cake with candles and cream for his birthday party. But everyone knows that cakes do not grow in the forest on trees! However, this is not a problem for his good friends.

  • Directed by: Natalia Malykhina
  • Country: Norway, 2019
  • Time: 6m 33s
  • Type: Data cut-out
  • Production: Natalia Malykhina
  • Animation: Ekaterina Volkova, Natalia Malykhina
  • Company: Ulvenfilm

Natalia Malykhina (b. 1971 in Vladivostok) is an animator, scriptwriter, storyboard and lay-out artist living in Lillehammer, Norway. She has over 25 years of experience in animation, having worked on short and feature cartoon films and animation series, commercials and TV programmes. The most well-known are Mr.Bean, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper – animated series, Princess Lillifee and the Unicorn and Captain Sabertooth – the movie. Natalia is currently running a little creative animation studio, ULVENFILM, which focuses on nice and kind children’s animation.