Skeleton in The Closet

24 OCT / 16:00 / Sal 3
26 OCT / 12:00 / Sal 3

A stranger in a strange land, Exodus 2:22.

  • Directed by: Malakias aka Tomi Malkki
  • Country: Finland, 2019
  • Time: 10m 42s
  • Type: 2D Computer, Charcoal and Drawing
  • Production: Malakias
  • Animation: Malakias
  • Company: The Dead Will Rice

Tomi Malkki on himself: “I (Tomi Malkki aka Malakias) was born in a finnish swamp-area at Finland. As a kid I liked bananas and taking sun baths at balcony. Plastic hippo with four wheels was mine favourite riding toy. At the age of two it was hard to draw a line where I ended and Hippo started. Mine childhood idols were Lucky Luke and O loupežníku Rumcajsovi..and still are! Nowadays list has couple new names: Harmony Korine, Michael Haneke, Andrey Zvyagintsev and Hellbutcher&Tyrant from the band Nifelheim. I started to do animations by a mistake. Was I a mistake too, never know?!?!”

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