Trespassers, Beyond the Veil

25 OCT 16:30 Sal 3
27 OCT 14:15 Sal 5

In an alternate reality, a two dimensional character explores a three dimensional landscape and discovers something unsettling behind a curtain.


Denmark | 2018 | 08min26 |
Animation 2D & 3D
Director: Pernille Kjær
Production: Tim Leborgne
Animation: Pernille Kjær
Company: The Open Workshop

Director's Biography:

Pernille Kjær is an independent animation filmmaker and artist, born 1989 in Copenhagen Denmark, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in character animation. She also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (Det Jyske Kunstakademi) in Århus, Denmark. Since graduating from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark in 2015 she has made a number of short animated films and other film and art related projects, combining animation, art and music. She has worked closely with the composers and sound designers Sofie Birch and Astrid Fabrin, amongst other things on a large-scale video and sound art installation, named Oden til Kloden. In between working on her own projects Pernille also works as an animator on other film projects such as Solar Walk created by the Hungarian director Reka Bucsi.