26 OCT 16:15 Sal 3
27 OCT 10:30 Sal 5

KillJoy is an animated passiveagressive suburban tragic-comedy dealing with social norms of happiness. The scene is set around a family and their dinnertable.It is the usual gathering but something is off.

  • Directed by: Line Finderup Jensen
  • Country: Denmark, 2018
  • Time: 05:26
  • Type: 3Danimation, 2Danimation,
  • Production: Line Finderup Jensen
  • Animation: Line Finderup Jensen
  • Company: Independendant

Line Finderup Jensen, born 1991 in Denmark. With a background in video and animation her practice explores how new media (such as interactive systems, 3dsimulation and realtime experiences) can support traditional filmic narratives. Aspiring to simulate and present our surroundings, the sleek HD is not of importance, rather
the “digital misrepresentation” is a keyword. Her work has been shown in various contexts some of them being: DGTL FMNSM, Dresden , Punto Y Raja Festival , Karlsruhe and FAN Kunstverein, Vienna.

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