Strawberry Eaters

26 OCT 16:15 Sal 3
27 OCT 10:30 Sal 5

A fantasy film about two strawberry farmers whose field is destroyed by ravenous snails. The couple tries to start a new life in the city but when the woman announces they’re expecting a child, the paranoid man suspects that snails are behind that as well.

  • Directed by: Mattias Mälk
  • Country: Estonia, 2018
  • Time: 14:39
  • Type: Traditional animation
  • Production: Kalev Tamm
  • Animation: Heta Jäälinoja, Paula Mauer, Mattias Mälk
  • Company: Eesti Joonisfilm

Born on 25 September 1987 in Tallinn. Studied animation in 2006–2012 at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Made his first animated film “Saturday Matinée” (2008) and animated the puppet film “On the Wrong Side” (2009) as an undergraduate. He completed his second animated film “Tutu Funnytooth” (2011) to complete his master’s studies. He has worked as a television serial character animator and as the art director and 3D modeller for the animated film “XYZtopia”. In addition, Mattias Mälk has illustrated and drawn comics, and he has taught animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts and at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. He began work at Eesti Joonisfilm Studio in 2013 as the director of the animated film “Northern Starfish”.

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