26 OCT 16:15 Sal 3
27 OCT 10:30 Sal 5

“Quiet” documents emotions from a childhood, from many childhoods. Expressing dark secrets without narrative, through a series of tableaux.
Children will often protect their adults out of loyalty. Feelings of responsibility and threats make them quiet.

  • Directed by: Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen
  • Country: Norway, 2018
  • Time: 06:30
  • Type: Cutout/multiplan
  • Production: Anita Killi
  • Animation: Triin Sarapiik Kiwi, Anita Killi
  • Company: Trollfilm AS

Quiet is Marianne Bundegaard Nielsen’s debut as short film director. She is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and has worked on several Norwegian animation films as production designer. She has many years of experience in handmade film in multiplan technology. She is born Danish, lives in Norway, and is connected to Trollfilm animation studio.