25 OCT 13:30 Sal 3
27 OCT 14:15 Sal 4

An old blind watchmaker makes a living by repairing clocks, with a little help from his unnoticeable friends.


Estonia | 2017 | 07'31'' |
Puppet animation
Director: Katariina Aule
Production: Mari Kivi
Animation: Katariina Aule, Jüri Lääs
Company: Estonian Academy of Arts

Director's Biography:

Katariina Aule is an animator, beginner animation director and prop maker from Tallinn, who specializes in puppet animation. In 2017 she graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts with a BA degree in Animation and has worked in Nukufilm Studio for over two years as a prop maker, puppet maker, silicone painter & assistant animator. Currently, she is moving towards expanding her skills as an animation/movie director.