Food Chain

24 OCT / 13:45 / Sal 2
26 OCT / 14:15 / Sal 5

On the one hand it’s dirty work and on the other hand a gorgeous product. This is a film about making food and consuming it. The producing part itself is not always as clean as we hope, yet we turn a blind eye as long as the end product looks desirable enough. The film plays with the fantasy of making food and the satisfaction we get when having delicious products.

  • Directed by: Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi
  • Country: Estonia, 2018
  • Time: 8m 30s
  • Type: Puppet animation
  • Production: Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Animation: Liis Kokk
  • Company: Estonian Academy of Arts

Mari Kivi is an animator and an illustrator, who lives and works in Estonia. She has a BA degree in painting and in animation. She has been working as a freelance illustrator for 8 years, illustrating posters for music events, designing album covers, taking part in many group exhibitions and creating short animations. At the moment she works as a project manager and a distributor in Estonian Academy of Arts’ Animation Department. She has been working as a guest coordinator in Animated Dreams International Animation Film Festival and Baltic Preview at PÖFF Shorts International Short Film and Animation Festival.

Liis Kokk is an Estonian animator, who lives and works in Tallinn. She studied animation and received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Estonian Academy of Arts. Currently she is working as an animation teacher in Nukufilmi Lastestuudio.

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