I will never see you again – only the memory

24 OCT / 13:45 / Sal 2
26 OCT / 14:15 / Sal 5

A stop motion animation made on glass table, also known as multiplan-stand. The animation is based on a selection of dreams from a dream diary. Through the animation, the filmmaker is looking to recreate memory images from the dreams or the emotional experiences the dreams leave her with.

  • Directed by: Suzannah Rehell Øistad
  • Country: Norway, 2019
  • Time: 7m 33s
  • Type: Multi-Plane animation
  • Production: Suzannah Rehell Øistad
  • Animation: Suzannah Rehell Øistad
  • Company: Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Suzannah Rehell Øistad (b. 1993) is a student at the Oslo National Academy Of The Arts . She is now in her last year of a Master’s degree at the department of arts and crafts. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Oslo National Academy Of The Arts at the department Academy of Fine Arts.