25 OCT 13:30 Sal 3
27 OCT 14:15 Sal 4

A Rat poet, whose hopeful poetry contrasts the world in which he lives in, gets confronted with the harshness of a society bias towards Mice.


Denmark | 2018 | 06min03 |
Animation 2D
Director: Jérémie Becquer
Production: Michelle Ann Nardone
Animation: Pauline Champetier, Léonard Bismuth, Jérémie Becquer, Allan Michaut, Kristoffer Ager, Maria Sandvig
Company: The Animation Workshop

Director's Biography:

Jeremie Becquer, was born in Luxembourg in 1991, where he studied Character Animation at L.T.A.M, before completing a Bachelor in Character Animation at the Animation Workshop. He directed the student film “Vermine” and had the opportunity to work for studios like Cartoon Saloon , Ankama and Spa Studio.