26 OCT / 17:30 / Sal 4
27 OCT / 13:15 / Sal 1

An experimental short film narrating a monotonous life out of place, through mood and space, where every day feels like yesterday, again and again. A storytelling experiment trying to tell a relatable character-driven story… without any characters.

  • Directed by: Kim Strandli
  • Country: Denmark, 2018
  • Time: 3m 42s
  • Type: 3D computer generated
  • Production: The Animation Workshop
  • Animation: Kim Strandli
  • Company: VIA University College - The Animation Workshop

Kim Strandli is a computer graphics artist and short-film director from Froland, Norway. He directed and produced the animated short-film Monachopsis all by himself in 28 weeks during his bachelor education at The Animation Workshop, Denmark. Today, he is freelancing as an artist and teacher, while developing new projects.