Friday's highlights - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Friday’s highlights

Day two has been successful, with packed halls, cheerful people, and a wonderful atmosphere – something FAF is grateful for. Below are some of the highlights for Friday.

We started the day with masterclasses. First out was Chris Ebeling, who talked about What Blockchain technology means for gaming”, and he discussed what an NFT is and how blockchains can be used in new ways.


The second masterclass was held by Bee Grandinetti. She talked about the process and her experience around the commercial side of the industry. She also shared her knowledge developing projects for big and small clients and gave us insight on how her approach evolved throughout the years.


The third masterclass was held by guest of honor Morten Thoring. In this master class, Morten Thorning covered both the artistic and commercial side of developing an animation school and cultivating the animation scene in the small production country of Denmark.

The last masterclass was held by Uri Kranot. Uri and his partner Michelle’s work has expanded beyond the traditional. During this seminar, Uri will discuss his experiences with immersive storytelling. He focused on “The Hangman at Home” as a multi-platform experience.


There were also offers to experience VR in the cinema hall, in the start of the day. This was a fun experience for both young and old.


We also had an event “Meet the filmmakers”, in Gamlebyen. We met the filmmakers behind the films in the festival’s competition programmes for Nordic-Baltic short films. It was opportunities to ask what you want, we learned more about the films, directly from the filmmakers, and got insight into the ideas, processes, and the technique behind the films.


Death by Unga Bunga, in collaboration with the illustrator Andreas E. Lund, had create a unique concert evening fusing the band’s music and Lund’s 3D animation at Gamlebyen Kulturhus. It was amazing!