Intervju med Per Åhlin og Elisabeth Lysander


Written by Nora Rosenkilde

At Fredrikstad Animation Festival it has been a long day with everything ranging from VR-movies, dancing, animation movies and booths. Among the many guests, animator Per Åhlin and author Elisabeth Lysander has come to experience the festival. Before the Saturday program began, we got to talk with them to hear their thoughts about the festival.

-What do you think of the festival so far?

Per Åhlin: We haven´t gotten to look at a lot yet, we watched some movies yesterday, and I am just an old man that has been doing the classic 2D animation. But now it seems that 3D is the thing.

 -Have you seen anything you´ve liked?

Elisabeth Lysander: Yesterday we saw a competition programme where we admired The Burden that has won many nice prizes. But I think that this is a great arrangement and that it is fantastically important with an festival that specialises in animation like this. It is actually a really important festival, especially for us in the North. 

-Per Åhlin, you won the Golden Gunnar Lifetime Achievement Award, what do you think about receiving this prize?

Per Åhlin: I had no idea I were going to receive any prize or surprise, but it was quite nice. I did not know about Golden Gunnar, but I know what it is now. After all, I got a portrait of it now.