Masterclass I: Chris Ebeling - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Masterclass I: Chris Ebeling

Chris Ebeling is the co-founder and creative director of Virtually Human. He is an animator, digital artist, and educator with over a decade of industry experience in feature film, animation, Vfx, games, TV, and emerging technology production. In this masterclass, Chris will focus on the topic of «What Blockchain technology means for gaming.» He will discuss what is an NFT and how to use blockchain can be used in new ways.


Chris Ebeling

Driven by crafting unique visual experiences for Film, TV, Games, and emerging technologies, Chris Ebeling is a world-class animator, creative director, writer, and digital artist having worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movie’s, The Great Gatsby, Gods of Egypt and Happy feet 2. Supplementing his extensive film and VFX background, Chris has successfully directed projects in the real-time space, with experience across games as well as virtual and augmented reality projects. Chris has since moved on to co-found his own digital creative studio, Virtually Human. Here, the core is to keep people, of all ages, emotionally engaged through immersive digital entertainment. Exploring emerging technologies in gaming, data, and mixed reality. With a strong focus to constantly innovate by bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world, where the two become inseparable. With his extensive experience in games and CG film development coupled with his passion for Virtual and Mixed Reality, Chris’s goal is to help define the visual language and capabilities of these emerging technologies, contributing to understanding and full potential of these interactive media platforms.