Fesshompa Laila

Laila, a sculpin, explain how over-consumption, littering and warmer waters in the marine banks in the Barents Sea could throw everything out of balance.

  • Regissør:Endre Skandfer
  • Land:Norway, 2019
  • Tid:2.08
  • Type: cut out
  • Produksjon:Merete Korsberg
  • Animasjon:Isak Gjertsen
  • Company: Fabelfjord

Animator and illustrator, Endre Skandfer (b. 1976) is a young veteran within the Norwegian animation industry with over 20 years experience from the biggest production studios. He has directed several short films, commercials, commission films and music videos, as well as the children’s TV-series Ku-toppen. His film Dunder won several awards.