Samen luidop twijfelen

Zwijgen is Geen Optie is a Belgian company that conducts interviews about active and involved citizenship. Their objective is to incite thought and doubt in order to achieve growth within empathy, coexistence and awareness, and with that spread the sense of curiosity and openness towards our surroundings. Silence is not an option.

  • Regissør:Linnea Lidegran
  • Land:Other, 2019
  • Tid:0:57
  • Type: Scanning.
  • Produksjon:Linnea Lidegran
  • Company: Linnea Lidegran

Ana Linnea Lidegran Correia is a half-Swedish, half-Portuguese visual storyteller, born in Porto in 1993. After graduating from Multimedia Communication bachelor, she moved to Sweden where she continued to work as a freelancing animator, illustrator, assistant set designer in films and supply pedagog at a Waldorf kindergarten. She is currently living in Gent, Belgium, while working on her final project for KASK’s master degree in Animation.

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