Urban Stedsinnovasjon

The goal of this project was to strengthen the region on both sides of the Swedish/Norwegian border to help businesses and communities grow by sharing ideas and insight.

  • Regissør:Morten Marius Apenes
  • Land:Norway, 2019
  • Tid:01:24
  • Type: 3D and 2D animation
  • Produksjon:Netron
  • Animasjon:Netron
  • Company: Netron

Netron was started back in 2002 with a focus on animation and flash games. Today Netron consists of three departments: Netron Film, Netron Communication, and Netron Digital. We do cross-disciplinary projects as well as independent assignments. For some clients, Netron functions as the marketing department, while others require specific services from one of our three departments. Netron has offices in Oslo and Fredrikstad, Norway and Tallinn, Estonia. Most of our 15 employees are located in Fredrikstad, Norway. Netron is independent and self-owned.