Opening ceremony - Lifetime Achievement Award - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Opening ceremony – Lifetime Achievement Award

The festival is well underway!
The opening film was the Norwegian premiere of the Danish-Norwegian feature film Flee directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen. The world premiere of the latest short film from the Oscar-winning Norwegian studio Mikrofilm Frydenlund Hair Parlour, directed by Hanne Berkaak. Also, the Finnish short film Flames by Maja Viitahuhta will have its festival premiere during the opening ceremony.

During this opening ceremony, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” was given out:

–  Every year the board of this festival selects one of the pioneers from the Nordic and Baltic animation scene. One person that has influenced the scene of animation in our Nordic and Baltic region, and we give out a special price, The Lifetime Achivement award. This year we have a Danish guest of honor that will receive our award, Morten Thorning, says Trine Vallevik Håbjørg, head of board in the festival board. The rest of the board members consists of Lise Fearnley, Yaprak Morali Austnes, Søren Fleng, Johannes Hafnor and Endre Eidsaa Larsen.

Jury motivation
Morten Thorning has accomplished a lot in his career, but most important he has created educational programmes that has had a huge impact on the Danish and Nordic animation industrie. From 1988 when Thorning founded The Animation Workshop in Viborg until 2019, he has been an innovative power at the school. With an energetic and visionary approach to animation and visual thinking he has developed and professionalized the animation community.

Former students talks about him as an inspiring and passionate leader who built the Animation Workshop from nothing, turning it into one of the best and most respected animation schools in Europe. More than 200 animated shortfilms, documentaries, and science films has been produced at the The Animation workshop. Together with all the educational programs this has turned the school into a “powercenter”, not only in Nordic animation but in European animation. And I am told that Morten has a gift for inspiring people with charm that makes people feel that dreams may come true. Really something we need, so hopefully Morten will continue doing exactly that.

We award Morten this price as a thank for his lifelong work for the animation community not only in Denmark but for all of us.

FAF congratulates Morten Thorning with the award, and welcomes our audience to Morten’s masterclass tomorrow, where you will get a greater insight into his work with the school and also new projects. Buy tickets here.