Best of International Short 2 - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Best of International Short 2

Best of International Short Program 2 is some of the best of what the international animation scene has to offer in recent years. And it’s good! Serious, humorous, and with a great humanistic approach the films in the program, is a must-see. Also, the quality of LBTQ+ films has the past years increased their ambitions and quality, which Christopher at Sea is a good example of (if you are more interested in the subject there are more hidden gems in many of FAF’s different programs, including Nordic-Baltic Children Films and Best of International 1). The films in the program get in-depth in different animation techniques from highly digital formats to analog stop-motion, and even pinscreen, which gives an insight of the evolution of animation as a means to tell great stories in the year 2023.

Original version, English subtitles