Nordic-Baltic Competition: Short Films 1 - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Nordic-Baltic Competition: Short Films 1

14 professional short films were selected for FAF’s traditional Nordic-Baltic competition program. The films in the Nordic-Baltic competition program are competing for the festival’s Grand Prix, Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film, and the Audience Award.

Program 1 is a rush of a program, with a pacing that is typical for the Nordics. We start slow, but end up with outraged parties both in the pigpen and the favorite Holiday spot Syden, as Norwegian call everything in the Mediterranean region that can provide regular sunbathing and cheap booze.

With films from all of the Scandinavia, Program 1, puts the Nordic in the front seat of the Nordic-Baltic perspective of the festival. With both strong animated documentaries and fantastic fairytales, the films in the program, have a urge to tell story that feels important for the audience to watch and the filmmakers to present. And luckily mostly of the filmmakers are present and can share their visions and drives for animated short films.

Original version, English subtitles