OBOS-Film: Prepremiere of Puffin Rock and the New Friends - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

OBOS-Film: Prepremiere of Puffin Rock and the New Friends

Director: Jeremy Purcell
Ireland – 2023
Length: 80 min

OBOS welcomes all ages to this prepremiere of the magical Puffin Rock and the New Friends. Tickets are free, so make sure you get yours before they are all gone.

The puffins Una and Baba lives on a peaceful island far out in the sea. One summer they are visited by some strange birds who have fled north due to climate changes. Una, Baba and the other permanent residents gets new friends, but also new challenges. It becomes extra exciting when an egg mysteriously disappears. Can the little birds manage to find the egg before the storm hits the island?

Puffin Rock and the New Friends is a wonderful film from the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, which has previously given us The Song from the Sea and The Wolf Walkers. The film’s universe is already well known from NRK Children’s TV and the film will be released in cinemas with both Norwegian and Sami languages. «This is the story of one little puffin´s journey to making friends, finding happiness and, most importantly, making a new place a home» Jeremy Purcell, director